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Modular FAME plug-in test system for 19" module carriers



[5142] The modular 19" plug-in test system FAME 3 rack from Phoenix Contact does not require an operating plug as it works according to the N/C contact principle.

The system combines complex switching operations for function tests of current transformers and voltage transducers, as well as tripping and signal contacts, in just one compact and space-saving block. This saves time for the user.

The automatic transformer short circuit and neutral point bridging are reliably ensured with standard plug-in bridges in the plug-in test socket. The system offers high levels of security thanks to its patented rotary handle and the associated, advanced transformer short circuit. The pre-fabricated modules are intended for easy mounting in 19" racks in two, three, and four rack units. With a width of 50 mm, up to eight plug-in test sockets can be inserted in one row within a rack. Unused contacts are filed with dummy disks. These disks are not necessary when mounting directly in front plates or doors outside of the 19” rack.

The system is particularly space saving, thanks to offset test socket arrangements. The test cables can be easily fixed in place with cable ties. A cover with or without status contact is available for the FAME rack. The plug-in test socket and test plug feature barrier connection technology for ring or fork-type cable lugs and use CLIPLINE complete system accessories from the terminal range. 

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