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Phoenix Contact founds a subsidiary in China


Phoenix (Nanjing) E-Mobility Technology Co., Ltd

[4830] By founding an E-Mobility company in China, Phoenix Contact is responding to the rapidly growing Chinese E-Mobility market.

Phoenix (Nanjing) E-Mobility Technology Co., Ltd has been officially registered since October 2015. The Chinese E-Mobility company's business activities commenced in spring 2016.

A rapidly increasing number of registered electric vehicles, including cars but above all utility vehicles such as buses, has prompted the government to call for an extension of the charging infrastructure in China. As a complete provider of E-Mobility applications, E-Mobility Nanjing also supplies products that come under the GB/T standard, the official Chinese standard for E-Mobility products. These are developed in collaboration with Phoenix Contact E-Mobility in Germany and are already being produced at Phoenix Contact's site in Nanjing. Battery changing systems for electric utility vehicles are also produced here. OEM customer projects are taken care of directly on site.

With a twenty-strong experienced team consisting of developers, product and project managers, as well as production employees, the newly founded E-Mobility Nanjing is in a strong position and is able to respond flexibly to the requirements and further expansion of the Chinese E-Mobility market.

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