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Flexible and safe wiring of measuring transducers


Test disconnect terminal blocks

[4744] Phoenix Contact has equipped the UT 6-T/SP test disconnect terminal blocks up to 6 mm² for deliberate switching operations with screwable longitudinal disconnection and short-circuit jumpering.

Switching symbols on the terminal blocks also provide easy and secure operation support. The test disconnect terminal blocks feature up to six universal function shafts for potential distribution or test purposes, thereby enabling maximum functionality. The 2 to 16-pos. jumpers for free assembly make it possible to implement all the tasks of potential distribution within a very short time. The use of same-shape panel feed-through terminal blocks enables a setup suitable for the application in hand to be established.

Wiring efforts can be considerably reduced both in the pre-meter area and in switchgear, cable, machine and device protection, thanks to the wide range of functions and combination options within this terminal block family.

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