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High-performance safety relays in an overall width of just 6 mm


Highly compact safety relays in an overall width of 6 and 12 mm

[4706] The new PSRmini safety modules from Phoenix Contact are the narrowest safety relays in the world, but deliver the performance of a larger safety relay.

In an overall width of just 6 mm, they offer a high level of safety thanks to the use of force-guided contacts. The compact design is possible thanks to the newly developed relay technology from Phoenix Contact. It is based on a narrow, high-performance elementary relay, which is characterized by its minimal space requirements, low energy consumption, and high system availability. In an overall width of just 6 mm, the relay offers an energy-efficient solution that delivers the same performance but in a third of the space previously required. It can be integrated directly in devices such as motor starters. The elementary relay with forced guidance in accordance with EN 50205 consists of a N/O and a N/C contact. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in fine-scale safety concepts with one or more enable contacts. Energy consumption is reduced by up to 20 percent thanks to the low current consumption of the new relay. In order to ensure high production accuracy in accordance with the stringent quality requirements, the elementary relay and all of its individual parts are manufactured by Phoenix Contact.

The safety relays switch loads up to 6 A, are compatible with many signal generators, and are versatile thanks to comprehensive approvals. The new products are therefore particularly suitable for use in machine building and the process industry.

For users, these slim modules mean a space saving of up to 70 percent. By providing just one enable contact, applications can be designed under new, optimized cost-benefit conditions. The safety relays can be used up to potentially explosive areas, thereby simplifying the design of distributed concepts. Likewise, the Termination Carriers enable the use of system cabling solutions for fast, error-free startup and connection in the field.

The complete PSRmini safety relay range consists of 28 products in 6 mm and 12 mm versions.

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