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Software PLC for simple control tasks


Software box for the software PLC

[4771] The PC Worx SRT software PLC from Phoenix Contact enables any Windows PC to be turned into a PLC.

The new PC Worx SRT V.1.10 is characterized by easy installation and even more flexibility.

Once the software PLC has been installed the PC can execute control commands and communicate with I/O stations via protocols such as Profinet, Modbus/TCP, and TCP/IP. The serial connection of various terminal devices via RS-232 and RS-485/422 is also possible with the new version.

The integrated web server enables the cost-efficient visualization of control data. The new software version uses HTML 5 to create websites. This means that the user can now view visualization pages on mobile terminal devices.

The software PLC is an economical solution for simple automation tasks such as the logging of data or the automated execution of less complex switching tasks. This is based on flexible I/O communication and the combination of control, visualization, and programming functions as well as additional Windows applications in a single device.

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