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Durable and high-performance type 1 lightning arresters


Flashtrab-SEC-PLUS lightning arrester

[4752] The Flashtrab SEC-PLUS type 1 lightning arresters from Phoenix Contact, which are particularly durable and high-performance thanks to Safe Energy Control Technology, have now been extended with two product versions.

The Flashtrab SEC-PLUS 440 product version is particularly suitable for special industrial applications with 440/690 V networks or 400 V power supply systems. The products impress with their strong shock and vibration resistance. This compact version is suitable for up to 400 A without an additional arrester backup fuse.

The Flashtrab SEC-PLUS 350 version is used in the unmetered area of the main power supply or in industrial applications. High voltage fluctuations and lightning current loads are not a problem for the type 1 arrester. The good voltage protection level, plus backup-fuse-free usage up to 315 A, are further advantages.

Both product versions are pluggable and can be tested with the test device for the Checkmaster 2 surge protective devices. Similarly to all other SEC family type 1 arresters, the Flashtrab SEC-PLUS is also tested and certified as a type 2 arrester.

The protective devices in the SEC product range have been completely re-engineered and are based on Safe Energy Control Technology (SEC). The spark gap used safely prevents any line follow current. This means that the load of the entire installation is reduced to a minimum in the event of lightning.

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