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Reliable feed-in control for photovoltaics systems


Control cabinet for feed-in control

[4870] With the new DNO Control control cabinet, Phoenix Contact offers a flexible platform consisting of coordinated hardware and software components for controlling the energy quantities in a photovoltaics system at the network connection point.

The controller-based control cabinet significantly reduces the creation effort required for supply-management solutions. It provides a high degree of flexibility with regard to the supporting interfaces. Additional communication gateways are therefore not required.

Furthermore, the control cabinet can also control hybrid decentralized energy generation systems. There, various energy generation technologies such as wind, photovoltaics, and energy storage are combined with each other.

The steadily increasing proportion of decentralized, regenerative energy generation is having an effect on the stability of the distribution network. For this reason, network operators require the system operator to provide supply management functions as part of their technical connection conditions, based on the network connection point. These connection conditions comprise remote adjustment of active and reactive power by the network operator as well as their control depending on the network parameters at the feeding point. With DNO Control, Phoenix Contact fulfils these requirements for reliable and flexible feed-in control.

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