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Switch firewall rules to suit the situation



[4790] The new conditional firewall for the FL MGuard security router from Phoenix Contact enables predefined switching of the firewall rules to suit the situation.

This means that for the first time it is possible to switch between the firewall settings for various operating states using easy triggering events.

This is useful when various connections need to be accepted or restricted during operation as well as during servicing or remote maintenance of a system. For example, it is possible for the entire data traffic from or to the higher-level network to be blocked automatically if a control cabinet door is open. In this way, a service technician is easily and effectively isolated from the higher-level network throughout the duration of their work on site.

Furthermore, updates to machines and systems can be carried out at a suitable time, e.g., when routine maintenance is due. In this case, an authorized person can switch the firewall with the help of a key and thereby reach the update server. No changes are required to the configuration, which saves time and money. At the same time, the level of security is increased, as spontaneously adjusting the configuration often leads to errors.

The conditional firewall is available as of firmware 8.1 for devices from the 4000 performance class.

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