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New class 100 and 200 LED machine lights

[4835] Two new performance classes now complete Phoenix Contact's range of LED machine lights.

Machines can be illuminated in almost every environment as the lights are available in various degrees of protection, designs, and lengths and can be swiveled. All of the 15 new versions are supplied with 24 V DC and are protected against polarity reversal and excessive supply voltage. The LED lights with IP67 protection feature ETL Intertek approval.

The class 100 versions are characterized by their narrow design and are available in five lengths from 196 to 1170 mm. The holder supplied as standard can be used to swivel the lights in any direction after they have been mounted. They are supplied via the attached 3 m supply line.

Thanks to their robust design, the class 200 lights are resistant to cooling lubricant and mechanical strain such as vibrations and shocks. The light emission window is also protected against mechanical impacts by a 4 mm thick pane of safety glass. The choice of lengths between 190 and 1070 mm, the M12 flush-type connector, and the accessories for swivel mounting guarantee a high degree of flexibility. The lights with a diameter of 70 mm are suitable for quick and easy replacement of conventional tube lights with fluorescent tubes. The range even includes a version suitable for applications in harsh environments that require IP69 protection.

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