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Controller for building infrastructure


ILC 2050 BI IoT controller

[4913] The ILC 2050 BI IoT controller from Phoenix Contact can be used to automate different subsections in building infrastructure, data centers, and distributed properties.

The controller offers a variety of interfaces and supports various protocols. Through standardization of various data types, the integrated IoT framework enables IoT-based automation of processes and management services, which go beyond a building management system.

In this way, various sensors and actuators can be easily connected, regardless of the manufacturer and communication protocol, and data points, in terms of Industrie 4.0, can be turned into universal information objects. With the portfolio of modular Inline I/O systems from Phoenix Contact, the functions of the IoT controller can be adapted to suit the application in question.

The IoT Framework includes numerous communication drivers for connecting different field level systems. The connected devices and data are standardized and then are available in the overall system. With Supervisor, a higher-level, PC-based environment for visualization and configuration can be created. This means stations can be efficiently configured across locations. Thanks to the flexible license model, all licenses can be expanded as needed at any time.

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