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Acquire, monitor, and control signals with process displays


Multifunctional process display for analog measured values

[4894] With the new, multifunctional FA MCR process display, temperature and analog signals can be displayed and monitored.

They are ideal for use in applications where these measurement values are to be acquired and further processed. Being able to connect a wide range of sensor types, possibly also with a sensor supply, is therefore advantageous.

The process displays have two relay change-over contact outputs and one analog output. The devices are easy to install, due to standardized housing dimensions and pluggable connection terminal blocks. Configuration is carried out either via the front keypad or with FDT/DTM software. Process values and bargraphs with switching thresholds can be freely displayed and tagged in the display. A color change in the entire display indicates potential error states.

The display devices are available in field and control cabinet versions, including mounting material. With UL and CSA approvals, they can be used internationally. The Ex versions are also ideal for intrinsically safe applications in potentially explosive areas.

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