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M12 POWER connectors for assembly with compact crimp connection


M12 POWER connectors for assembly with compact crimp connection

[5144] The new M12 POWER connectors for assembly with crimp connection from Phoenix Contact offer a great deal of power in a compact design.

Whether for AC or DC applications, various numbers of positions and codings are available. Due to the small wiring space, the shielded connectors are compact and supply motors and devices with up to 16 A or up to 690 V. This means that conductors may be crossed.

The M12 female connector in the metal housing has a protected seal. Due to its robust connection, it is also suitable for railway applications with high shock and vibration loads. A reliable 360° shield connection is achieved even under high mechanical strain.

The crimp connection enables both manual and automatic connection, which is a particular advantage when needing to assemble a large number of cables. The M12 POWER connectors are suitable for cable diameters from 6.5 mm to 13 mm and connection cross sections from 1.5 mm² to 2.5 mm².

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