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Double-level knife disconnect terminal blocks with universal screw connection


Double-level knife disconnect terminal block with screw connection

[4700] The compact UTT 2,5-2MT-P/P double-level knife disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are available in various versions with one or two disconnect knives for conductors of up to 4 mm².

The space-saving design with a 5.2 mm pitch allows for a high density in the controller wiring. The offset level between the two levels provides easy access to the lower connection level with full wiring, which is particularly useful for testing purposes. For various switching tasks, particularly in MCR technology, an isolating plug, feed-through metal, component connector for the solder-free installation of electronic components or a fuse plug for 5 x 20 glass tube fuses can be used individually in the disconnect zone of the disconnect terminal blocks. Measuring instruments can be looped in using the connection screws with integrated test socket, so that voltage and current measurements can be taken at any time without interruption.

The cross-system accessories of the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system can be used for all terminal blocks in the UT screw terminal block series. In addition to using the same bridge system, the accessories for marking and testing are identical for the push-in, spring-cage, COMBI, and IDE connection technologies.

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