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Powerful lightning current arrester for 400/690 V systems


Pluggable surge protection with integrated backup fuse for 400/690 V systems

[4818] At Light + Building 2016 Phoenix Contact will be presenting the first pluggable type 1 lightning current arrester with integrated backup fuse for nominal voltages of up to 400/690 V.

The powerful protective devices are based on Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology and feature a line-follow-current-free spark gap.

The lightning current arresters save space by up to 66% in comparison with conventional installations which consist of surge protection and a separate fuse. By dispensing with the separate arrester backup fuse, users benefit from a solution that is up to 20% more cost-effective.

Thanks to the innovative push-pull locking mechanism, the protective plugs are quick and easy to remove during maintenance work. At the same time, the locking mechanism holds the plug securely in the base element in the event of a fault or strong vibrations. The new type 1 arresters are particularly suitable for use in wind turbine generators. They are also used to protect frequency inverters in applications with high-power motors, such as power stations or mining.

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