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Device protection without backup fuses


Type 3 surge protection for end devices

[4792] The new type 3 surge protection Plugtrab PLT-SEC from Phoenix Contact features a newly developed disconnect device.

The devices provide increased safety in the case of electrical and thermal overload, regardless of the backup fuse installed. Thanks to the Safe Energy Control technology, the protective devices are particularly durable. The protected end devices are subject to less strain than in standard installations.

Due to the integrated, surge-current-proof fuses, remote installations do not require any external protective device backup fuses. The surge protective devices are used in applications with load currents of up to 26 A. They are suitable for AC and DC applications.

Recurring inspections of the protective devices are carried out quickly and easily with the Checkmaster 2 test device. The easy-to-read status indicator and the floating remote indication contact keep you informed about the status of the product at all times.

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