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Direct connectors for high contact densities


SDDC 1,5 SKEDD direct connector

[4900] Phoenix Contact is extending its range of convenient PCB connectors with SKEDD technology.

The SDDC 1,5 double-row direct connectors allow 2 to 32 conductors to be connected. This makes them ideal for applications with a high contact density,

The SKEDD direct connection technology enables connectors to be connected directly to the PCB via through-contacted bore holes, without the need for any tools or an additional header. As users no longer need one of the components, overall process costs are reduced.

The SDDC 1,5 connector range with a pitch of 3.5 mm is suitable for conductor cross sections from 0.2 mm² to 1.5 mm² and is designed for currents up to 8 A and voltages up to 160 V (IEC). Just like all SKEDD direct connectors, the new series, which has a pitch of 3.5 mm, offers the convenient Push-in spring connection.

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