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Windows 10 for Embeddedline panel PCs


Panel-PC Embeddedline

[4890] Phoenix Contact is equipping its panel PCs in the Embeddedline family with the modern Windows 10 Enterprise operating system.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 is available as an alternative. If applications are not approved for this operating system, the Windows 7 Professional standard operating system can be used.

Phoenix Contact is also adding further functions to the panel PCs with analog resistive touch display: a new Intel Atom E3845 Quad Core processor is now available as a high-performance CPU for entry-level applications. A robust 2.5" SSD with 240 GB offers plenty of space for demanding applications. Furthermore, two additional electrically isolated CAN interfaces are available as an option. Where space is limited, the Embeddedline PC portfolio now offers the ideal solution in the form of a particularly compact device with 5.7" display.

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