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Controller for smart, small-scale applications


Controller for smart, small-scale applications

[5176] With the new Control AXC F 1152 controller, Phoenix Contact continues to expand its open control platform based on PLCnext Technology. It is the smart solution for realizing simple applications with PLCnext Technology.

Like all PLCnext Controls, as an enhancement to classic IEC 61131-compliant PLC programming, it makes it possible to program controllers using high-level language. This feature ensures PLC-typical real-time performance and data consistency for high-level languages and model-based code as well.

The highly modular Profinet controller with a secure connection to Proficloud acts as the communication hub for interconnecting the system. It combines the robustness and security of a classic PLC with the openness and flexibility of the world of smart devices.

Phoenix Contact will present this new PLCnext controller for the first time in Hall 9 of SPS.

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