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New relay modules for potentially explosive areas


PLC-INTERFACE highly compact relay modules for potentially explosive areas

[4721] For the highly compact PLC-INTERFACE relay module product range, there are now also versions suitable for use in potentially explosive areas.

They meet the statutory requirements and approvals of Class 1, Division 2. Moreover, additional variants are compliant with the ATEX directive.

Potentially explosive areas in industry impose stringent requirements on the reliability and safety of switching components. The relay modules have RTIII-sealed relays and safe isolation according to DIN EN 50178 between coil and contact. They are available with screw and spring-cage connection technologies and enable you to save space in the control cabinet during installation. Potential distribution can take place time-efficiently with jumpers, which are inserted into the bridge shafts of the relays. In addition, the wiring complexity of the modules can be further reduced through connection to the system cabling with an adapter.

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