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Thermal transfer printer for mobile use on site


Mobile thermal transfer printer

[4842] The Thermomark Prime thermal transfer printer from Phoenix Contact prints card and matt formats for marking terminal blocks, conductors and cables, and devices and systems exactly where they are required.

Equipped with a rechargeable high-power battery and fully integrated marking software, the printing system is ideal not only for stationary use, but also particularly for mobile use directly on site.

Printing data can be entered directly via a multi-touch display. There is also an interface for transferring printing projects that have been prepared in the Clip Project marking software. An automatic material detection function checks the components used, thereby preventing printing errors. The ink ribbon can be changed in under 10 seconds for fast retrofitting. With more than 600 marking materials available, the thermal transfer printer offers maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing the right marking for various applications. Accessories for easy transport and the energy supply to the printing system further enhance the convenient handling of what is currently the smallest card printer on the market.

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