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Tackling sensor technology together: Phoenix Contact and Eologix Sensor Technology


Eologix Sensor Technology GmbH

At the end of March 2016, Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH invested in Eologix Sensor Technology GmbH. The six-figure investment should help the company to expand more quickly.

Eologix Sensor Technology, with headquarters in Graz, Austria, is a leading technological provider of sensor systems that detect ice on surfaces, in particular on wind turbine generators. The sensors consist of flexible, wireless sensors that are attached to rotor blades and precisely detect ice formation. The measurement data acquired is sent wirelessly to the controller, which in turn introduces de-icing measures. This minimizes wind turbine generator downtimes.

Having gained their first customers and projects, the three founders want the company to continue to grow dynamically. Together with Phoenix Contact, the next strategic steps are now being taken. In addition to investment, the Phoenix Contact sales network also offers operational support for opening up the market.

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