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Certificate for innovative ice detection system from Phoenix Contact


DNV GL certifies ice detection system for wind turbine generators

DNV GL certifies ice detection system for wind turbine generators

Energy assessment and certification company DNV GL formally awarded the certificate to Phoenix Contact's ice detection system for wind turbine generators at “WindEnergy Hamburg 2018”, the leading international trade fair for the wind power industry.

This certificate attests that the ID-S system reliably detects ice on the rotor blade and shuts down the wind turbine generator, and then enables it to be started up again.

With measurement performed directly on the surface of the rotor blades, the autonomous ice detection system is able to detect ice formation and shut down the wind turbine generators accordingly. In addition, the system also detects when the ice on the rotor blades has thawed enough so that the wind turbine generator can be started up again automatically. The system is completely autonomous and there is no feedback from the control system for the wind turbine generator. It does not require any information regarding the blade geometry or similar details.

The solution can be easily integrated into existing systems using industrial controllers from Phoenix Contact. It is easily started up via the web interface. Using the temperature measurement from each individual sensor, measured data from heating units can be incorporated in the wind turbine generator's control algorithms, for example.

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