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New function blocks for STEP 7 and the TIA portal


Wireless I/O integration in the control level

[5020] The new function blocks for PC Worx, STEP 7, and the TIA portal make it possible to directly read out status and diagnostic parameters for the Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact using a controller.

Thanks to modern wireless technology, it is very easy to integrate I/O signals from distributed sensors over large distances into a controller from Phoenix Contact or Siemens. Function blocks can be used to integrate new functions or to transform devices into a fully fledged part of the control system. This reduces development times.

The Phoenix Contact hardware and software supported includes the Inline and Axioline controllers as well as the PC Worx programming software and the PC Worx Express PLC software. The Siemens controllers S7-3xx, S7-12xx and S7-15xx are supported, as well as the STEP7 software and the TIA portal.

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