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Convert currents up to 4000 A directly into a standard signal


PACT RCP current transformers for retrofitting

[4712] High currents can now be converted directly into various standard analog signals using the new Phoenix Contact PACT RCP current transformers for retrofitting.

The handy Rogowski coil of the two-piece measuring system can be easily installed on busbars and circular conductors. System parts do not have to be removed. Alternating currents up to 4000 A can be measured using a single coil type. The downstream measuring transducer can be freely configured at the signal input and the signal output. This makes it possible to adjust the current measuring ranges so that the output signal can map the full signal width.

With the Rogowski measuring method, no dangerous open circuit voltages can occur like with split core current transformers, for example. The system detects frequencies in the range from 16 to 1000 Hz. The optional coil bracket ensures a secure and defined fit on the busbar, regardless of the temperature of the busbar. For exact dimensioning, current transformer sets are available with three different coil lengths and with screw or push-in connection technology for the measuring transducer.

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