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Condition monitoring for pumps and systems


Turnkey condition monitoring

[5024] The Phoenix Contact PumpMonitor switchgear and control gear system enables the continuous determination of the current maintenance requirements for pumps in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

Predictive maintenance presents operators and their employees with ever-increasing challenges. The foundation for deregulation of the Provisions of the German Accident Prevention and Insurance Association (BGV) was laid when the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health came into effect in 2001. The German BGVA3 Ordinance regulates the guide intervals for the inspection of portable and stationary electrical devices and systems, which can now be determined by the operators themselves based on risk assessments. This ultimately paved the way for condition-based maintenance, which leads to the assurance of and increase in system availability, while reducing outlay at the same time.

Based on this, the companies M.A.C. Systems Solutions, PCB Synotech and Phoenix Contact have developed a solution for determining the actual maintenance needs of pumps. This is achieved by taking into account the different vibrations present, cooling water circuit leakage monitoring, and winding and bearing temperatures. The different pressures of the system and the detection of damage to the paddle wheel are also analyzed as a part of the solution. With the aid of a simple traffic-light display, the machine operator has an overview of the system status.


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