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Compact connectors for LED PCBs


PTF direct connectors

[4816] The new PTF series of direct connectors from Phoenix Contact can be used to connect 10 mm wide, flexible LED PCBs easily and reliably.

The integrated locking mechanism ensures a secure and permanent connection with the PCB. The compact connectors are designed for currents up to 10 A and voltages up to 24 V (UL: 60 V). Thanks to their compact size, they are also suitable for applications in confined spaces such as narrow linear profiles.

The product range consists of 2 and 4-pos. feed-in elements and butt connectors in the pitches 1.9 mm for 8 mm wide PCBs and 2.4 mm for 10 mm wide PCBs. At just 4.2 mm high, the white direct connectors were developed according to IEC 60838-2-2. They are suitable for various LED applications in building or ambient lighting.

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