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New software products for complete process automation


Laptop with Acron

[4750] With atvise scada, AIP, and Acron, Phoenix Contact has extended its portfolio of software products for visualization, alarm management, and data archiving.

By integrating this software into the company's own product range, Phoenix Contact has gone a step further in providing turn-key solutions for process automation, such as in infrastructure applications like the water and wastewater industry.  

The atvise scada visualization software allows the user to implement complex operating and monitoring tasks from any location and any device. Access to the visualization is possible with any standard browser. An editor for web experts opens up advanced options for direct JavaScript programming.

The AIP (Alarm Information Portal) alarm management software is the ideal solution for process monitoring from any location. The software can be connected to control and visualization systems via standard interfaces such as OPC (Open Process Control) and reliably keeps service personnel informed via media such as e-mail and text messages.

The Acron system chronicler logs all system and operating data, as required, in redundant databases. The protocol function can be used to cyclically generate comprehensive and customized diagrams and documents. Acron can be conveniently connected to visualization systems and controllers via standardized interfaces such as OPC UA (Unified Architecture).

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