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Use standard antennas safely in the ex area


Antenna barrier for the ex area

[4757] The antenna barrier makes the high-frequency outputs of wireless modules intrinsically safe according to Ex i protection.

It limits the ignition energy in the event of an error. This allows you to use standard antennas in potentially explosive areas up to Zone 0. Thanks to the wide variety of mounting options inside and outside the control cabinet, the antenna barrier supports easy and space-saving installation and is also available as a system solution.

It can be used as a control cabinet feed-through in Zone 2 or it can be installed inside Ex d housings in Zone 1. The extremely wide frequency range from 0.7 to 6 GHz, as well as low attenuation, enables universal use on all popular forms of wireless technology. Furthermore, Phoenix Contact offers all components for wireless signal transmission in the ex area. These include, among others, certified stainless steel housings, cable glands, wireless systems, and antennas.

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