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Surge protection re-engineered – powerful and protective


Surge protection with Safe Energy Control technology

[4714] Lightning and surge protection for the power supply is now extremely powerful and durable. This is made possible thanks to the new Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology with impact-free spark gap from Phoenix Contact.

All the protective devices in the new product range have been completely re-engineered and are based on SEC technology. At the heart of the type 1 lightning arrester is a spark gap that safely prevents line follow currents. In previous protective devices, discharge often caused system fuses to blow, however this is now a thing of the past thanks to the SEC technology. The devices are extremely durable and operate quietly in the background helping to protect the system. The type 2 and type 3 surge protective devices are also designed for high performance and functional safety. Installation, handling, and maintenance are simplified in particular by the compact design and consistent plug-in capability of the arresters.

With 12 mm per channel, the type 2 surge protective devices are very narrow. The new type 3 device protection now combines surge protection with integrated arrester backup fuses in highly compact housing. Thanks to the plug-in capability of all the products, insulation measurements can be carried out quickly and easily. The CHECKMASTER 2 arrester test device is available for recurring tests for protective devices.

The new product range is very easy to install: the base element and plug can be rotated 180° so that the markings on the base element and plug can always be read and the connecting cables remain short. The biconnect terminal blocks support two connections per channel. Installations with V-type through wiring are therefore possible. The large marking area on the protective devices enables easy identification in the control cabinet. The optical mechanical status indicator with nine signal colors can be easily recognized.

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