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Buffer modules bridge cyclical failures lasting up to 30 seconds


Quint CAP buffer module

[4980] The new maintenance-free Quint CAP buffer module from Phoenix Contact bridges cyclical failures lasting up to 30 seconds.

It combines an electronic switch-over unit and maintenance-free, capacitor-based energy storage in the same housing. The lockable USB interface for connection to higher-level controllers makes it convenient to shut down the PC. The buffer module with double-layer capacitors offers a long buffer time thanks to high memory capacity. 5 or 10 A can be buffered for 30 seconds.

Thanks to their compact design, the modules save space in the control cabinet. Furthermore, with over 20 years at 20°C and more than 500,000 charge/discharge cycles, they have a very long service life. The soft start means that the buffer modules can also be used in combination with power supplies in the low power range. Thanks to the comprehensive signaling options and the wide temperature range from -40°C to +60°C, they support flexible use.

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