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From classic automation to digitalization of building technology


IoT-based Ecosystem Emalytics

[4919] Automation technology is undergoing a disruptive change due to digitalization and it can no longer be avoided. This is clear to see in Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Standardized protocols and interfaces for building technology are increasingly becoming cost drivers in the industry. In the future, IP-based communication will be indispensable.

Therefore, Phoenix Contact is developing the IoT-based Ecosystem Emalytics for building automation. This combines building services management with energy management and business intelligence services in a single solution. Modern IP-capable smart devices, along with devices, sensors, and actuators from conventional building technology, are directly integrated into the IoT management level. Regardless of its source, the data is available as an information object so that it can be used to optimize building technology processes.

The Ecosystem is used to implement customized projects, from demand-based building infrastructure applications (HVAC), active energy management to the integration of intelligent E-Mobility charging and storage concepts. The offer is rounded off by the complete product portfolio and modular switchgear and controlgear assemblies from Phoenix Contact.

“With Building IoT, we are setting global mega trends such as Industrie 4.0, big data, and data analytics in intelligent building technology supply processes to achieve a networked energy landscape,” summarizes Bernhard Tillmanns, Global Industry Manager at Phoenix Contact.

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