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High-performance PV surge protection


Type 1/2 lightning arresters of the VAL-MB range

[4753] The new VAL-MB product range from Phoenix Contact offers high-performance and compact protective devices for photovoltaic applications with generator voltages of up to 1500 V DC.

The protective devices are specially adapted to the demands of DC applications and certified by KEMA.

Extended insertion funnels and elevated screw shafts provide additional protection against arcing. The product portfolio consists of protective devices for generator voltages of 600 V DC, 1000 V DC, and 1500 V DC, either as type 1/2 lightning arresters or as pure type 2 surge protective devices. Variants with and without remote indication contact are available. All protective devices have a short-circuit current rating of 2000 A and can also be deployed in systems at a high altitude of up to 6000 meters.

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