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Orthogonal PCB terminal block for DIN rail devices


Orthogonal PCB terminal block for DIN rail devices

[4877] Phoenix Contact presents new PCB terminal blocks in the FKDSO 2,5/..L1 and -R1 series. The right or left angled designs allow for an orthogonal alignment with the PCB.

As the conductor exit can be flexibly integrated in customer-specific device designs, the terminal blocks with five millimeter pitch are particularly suitable for DIN-rail-mountable devices.

The one to four-pos. PCB terminal blocks are suitable for currents up to 20 A and voltages up to 320 V. Using the convenient Push-in spring connection with color-contrasting push button, conductors with cross sections between 0.2 mm² and 2.5 mm² can be connected easily and reliably.

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