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Shut down photovoltaic panels safely


Intelligent photovoltaic panel shutdown with Solarcheck RSD

[4865] The new Solarcheck RSD automatic photovoltaic panel shutdown from Phoenix Contact independently puts photovoltaic systems into a safe state.

Personnel are protected from electric shock during installation and maintenance or in dangerous situations. In 95 percent of photovoltaic systems the panels are connected to strings in series. This can generate potentially lethal DC voltages of up to 1000 V. Disconnection can be difficult. This requires global safety regulations for protection against electric shock when working with electrical equipment above 120 V DC. Shutdown via the inverter or additional DC switches interrupts the current flow but not the voltage. Occupational health and safety can only be guaranteed if each individual panel is disconnected automatically.

Solarcheck is a self-controlling system that shuts down every photovoltaic panel automatically in the event of a fault or servicing. By disconnecting each individual panel, a safe state is achieved without intervention by an electrician. Even those who are not familiar with the safety rules and dangers, such as roofers or cleaning personnel, are protected.

The panel shutdown is incorporated into the existing string cabling. No programming or parameterization is required for startup. The system features diagnostic functions and distinguishes between different operating states. According to the failsafe principle, the panels are individually disconnected from the string if there are any deviations from normal operation and in the event of a targeted, central shutdown. If an individual panel is defective or in the case of a cable break directly on the panel, the panel is disconnected separately. Testing and error detection take place on each individual panel. This means that no additional communication or remote tripping is necessary via cables or wirelessly. The system is restarted as soon as the electrical parameters for a technically safe system environment are correct.

The patented Auto RSD technology is more reliable and faster than any human assessment or intervention. The American photovoltaic safety standard, UL 1741, deals with safe disconnection using the above technology.

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