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Modular connectors in snap-in frame


Modular inserts for heavy-duty connectors

[4845] Application-friendly connectors must adapt quickly and easily to suit the application at hand. The new Heavycon modular contact inserts for power, signals, and data from Phoenix Contact fulfil these requirements.

The modules are snapped into the new snap-in frame and precisely positioned and fixed in place by retaining springs. Contacted modules can also be inserted in the mounted panel mounting base at a later time.
The 5-pos. power modules with Push-in connection technology offer easy and quick installation. The litz wire with ferrule is directly inserted into the contact chamber. For secure data transmission, RJ45 data modules are available for patch lines as well as RJ industrial connectors with Quickon fast connection technology. Pre-assembled fiber optics with SC and LC contacts are inserted in corresponding FO modules. The quick mounting of the modules and optimized connection technology save up to 40% of the installation time.
A variety of modules for signals, data, power, and pneumatics can be flexibly combined on a single frame. Heavycon modular thus offers the right connector for every application.

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