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Security router with integrated switch


FL MGUARD security router in two performance classes: RS2005 and RS4004

[4723] The new FL MGUARD router is a security router and switch in one device. It is available in two performance classes:

The RS2005 class offers five unmanaged ports, while the RS4004 class has four managed ports and one DMZ port for the mutual security of multiple networks.

The DMZ port can be used for the connection of a third network in which, for example, a mail server is run. This server can be accessed by both the secure LAN-side as well as the unsecured WAN-side. Access to the LAN- from the WAN-side is prevented, as the firewall monitors and regulates incoming and outgoing traffic at each transition point. In addition, remote maintenance can be performed through the DMZ port on a machine or system. The integrated switch can take over the the internal switching of smaller machines and systems or be connected to larger networks.

The rising cost pressures in the industry have increasingly driven producers of industrial-grade routers to an all-in-one product strategy, in order to minimize space requirements, power consumption, and installation costs. The new FL MGUARD security routers unify the functions of router, VPN, firewall, DMZ, and switch in one housing and therefore meet these new requirements.

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