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Charging controller for simple charging stations


EVCC Basic for simple charging points

[4758] The new EVCC Basic charging controllers in the EV Charge Control series from Phoenix Contact have been specifically developed for use in simple charging stations.

All key functions required for AC charging of an electric vehicle in accordance with IEC 61851-1 are implemented on the controller PCB.

By integrating a power supply and automatic release function in case of power failure, the amount of wiring is reduced and additional component costs are saved. Configurable inputs and outputs give the user greater flexibility for additional functions, such as analog charging current control and monitoring the charging contactor. Charging status display and device configuration can be performed by means of remote access to a computer system via an RS-485 interface, whereby energy and load management is supported.

The charging controller is available in four different versions: for charging stations with Infrastructure Socket Outlet as well as Vehicle Connector or for a charging station with just a Vehicle Connector. They are also available as a PCB or in housing for DIN rail mounting.

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