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Configure and order customized connectors online


Assembling a heavy-duty connector with the online configurator

[5067] The Phoenix Contact heavy-duty connector product range offers countless combination options. Therefore, the new, user-friendly Heavycon online configurator now supports you in the assembly process.

Depending on the requirement for the connection, it suggests only compatible components for the selected parts, such as housings or cable glands and contact inserts with a modular design or fixed number of positions.

Using the intuitive user interface with simple filter menus, a drag-and-drop function and 2D and 3D product images, users can quickly configure their own connector. The configuration is visualized in 3D in real time. The 2D and 3D data of the selection can be easily downloaded and imported it into a CAD program for further planning. The solution is added to the shopping cart and ordered by entering a few pieces of information. The configuration file is safeguarded by a solution ID and can be accessed again at any time.

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