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Heavy-duty connectors for compact power transmission


D7 housings and contact inserts

[4863] In modern machines and systems, the complexity and associated costs for networking and control technology are increasing, without more space being made available for them.

With the reworked Heavycon D7 connector range, Phoenix Contact is offering power transmission in a compact design.

The metal housings have been made around 40% lighter. In spite of their small design, there is sufficient cable space for high-position cables or large cross sections. The conductive surface and conductive seals offer good EMC properties when combined with a suitable screw connection. The panel mounting bases are secured with four screws. This means they can handle extreme forces and speeds. Temporarily used interfaces can be reliably sealed with securely fastened caps.

A new feed-through housing can optionally be mounted from the front or rear side. It also provides you with IP and EMC-compliant protection on the connection side. The plastic housings have also been reworked. The integrated cable gland reliably seals small and large cable diameters. A large range of contact inserts ensures that signals and power of up to 40 A can be safely transmitted.

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