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Reliable supply of AC loads



[5032] The uninterruptible power supply of the Quint product range for the Phoenix Contact DIN rail reliably supplies AC loads.

Due to the VFI-SS-111 online topology, the device ensures seamless transfer and returns a pure sine curve in mains and battery operation.

The uninterruptible power supply with 1 kVA of apparent power can be combined with various UPS-BAT energy storage options. IQ technology enables optimum use of buffer times and preventive monitoring of the energy storage: at any time, the uninterruptible power supply provides information on the charging state, remaining period and service life of the battery module, increasing the system availability.

Using the integrated USB interface, industrial computers can be connected with the device and shut them down conveniently. Start up with the BAT-START cold start function from energy storage, even without mains input. Furthermore, the uninterruptible power supply can be switched in parallel for redundancy and increased performance. The output voltages and automatic voltage detection are adjustable, meaning that this device can be used around the globe. The extensive temperature range of -25 °C to 60 °C also guarantees a high level of flexibility in terms of use.

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