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Mobile routers for high-speed data connections


High-speed mobile routers

[4836] The new mobile routers from Phoenix Contact implement high-performance, high-speed data connections of up to 100 Mbps via mobile 4G LTE networks.

This enables you to establish a mobile broadband connection for highly flexible site networking even in places where a wired Internet connection is not available.

The routers guarantee a high level of security thanks to IPsec and OpenVPN support as well as an integrated stateful packet inspection firewall. A further advantage is the wide temperature range from -40 to +70°C, which enables use in infrastructure applications in harsh and demanding environments. The routers transmit data quickly and securely between the control room and networks in the field. They are ideal for public utilities, power and water supply companies, as well as operators of oil and gas fields.

An inexpensive 3G version of the devices is available for mid-level bandwidth requirements. These devices have two digital inputs and one output for the connection of sensors and actuators. This enables alarm e-mails or SMS messages to be sent via an input, for example. An integrated logbook records all device-specific events. MIMO antennas are used to enhance receptivity. All routers are downward compatible within the mobile communication standard.

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