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Plug-in terminal blocks for fast startup


Plug-in terminal blocks for fast startup

[4719] New to the COMBI product range from Phoenix Contact are the PT 2,5-HEXA multi-conductor terminal blocks with up to six contact points.

They feature three push-in contacts, for example for internal wiring, and PIN contacts for plug-in external wiring. This enables system parts to be replaced quickly in the event of servicing or modular system concepts to be implemented for fast startup.

As a result of the large number of contact points, the terminal blocks are particularly suitable for use as compact plug-in marshalling panels. The large-surface marking option and marker carriers of the same shape with end bracket function ensure clear matrix marking. Thanks to their touch-proof design, both the terminal block and the connector offer a high level of safety. The double jumper shaft also makes easy potential distribution and marshalling possible.

Thanks to the universal COMBI plug-in zone, connectors with different connection technologies can be used. Individual coding increases wiring reliability as this prevents the wires from being connected incorrectly. The comprehensive range of optional snap-on accessories such as connector latching, strain relief or shield connections ensure a high degree of flexibility when it comes to wiring.

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