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Retrofit solution for detection and evaluation of lightning strikes


LM-S control cabinet

[4774] If lightning damage on wind turbines (WTGs) remains undetected, this can have far-reaching consequences, particularly in the case of offshore parks.

To avoid expensive downtimes even in existing systems, Phoenix Contact has developed a retrofit solution for continual detection and evaluation of corresponding events. The core element of the solution is the lightning monitoring system (LM-S). It measures the strength and power of strikes and forwards them to operators in order to coordinate maintenance work. In the control cabinets for pitch control, there is very little room for subsequent mounting of the corresponding evaluation unit. The LM-S is therefore housed in a separate, space-saving control cabinet, that can be easily integrated into the automation landscape.

The evaluation unit is supplied with power via its own power supply, from the Quint product range. An uninterruptible version from the series can be installed, if desired. In order for the retrofit system to continue working without errors, even in the event of a lightning strike, all incoming and outgoing cables must be connected with surge protection. Various transmission paths are offered for data exchange between the LM-S and higher-level systems. One option is to establish SHDSL communication using the free contacts on the slip ring. If this is not possible, the Phoenix Contact range comprises numerous wireless components such as GSM modems, as well as Bluetooth and WLAN components.

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