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TC Mobile I/O electronic alarm annunciator now with 4G (LTE)


TC Mobile I/O electronic alarm annunciator now with 4G (LTE)

[5091] The new variants from the TC Mobile I/O X200 product range with 4G support brings Phoenix Contact to the SPS IPC Drives on the market. As such, users will be able to alert and switch relays via 4G (LTE) mobile networks.

The TC Mobile I/O X200-4G and TC Mobile I/O X200-4G AC devices for the European market include a 4G mobile engine (LTE CAT1) with 2G fallback (GSM/GPRS/EDGE). Therefore, they combine future-oriented mobile technology with the availability of the 2G network, which currently offers the best coverage.

As before, the new versions can be used to monitor analog and digital sensor signals by SMS and e-mail via the mobile network and to switch relay outputs by means of SMS messages and the app (SMS, HTTPS).

To make it easier to switch to the new technology, existing 2G device configurations can be imported into the new versions.

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