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Phoenix Contact team at the WAVE Trophy:
eYoungsters take second place


WAVE Trophy

Trainees Jana Schwarze and Alexandra Kerps, who are both 21 and have just started their careers at Phoenix Contact, took second place in the WAVE Trophy, the largest e-mobility rally in the world.

During the WAVE Trophy, the two aspiring industry sales representatives covered 3241 kilometers in their eGolf nicknamed “E-Mil”. The rally started in Dortmund on September 13 and the only female duo among the 48 teams competing reached the finish line in Erlangen on September 21. The aim of the WAVE Trophy is to demonstrate e-mobility's almost unrestricted suitability for everyday use today.

Boasting many international participants, this year's rally took to the German wine route before tackling the heights of the Black Forest and crossing into the heart of the Alps. The longest stage covered a distance of 290 kilometers. This didn't present a problem for team Schwarze and Kerps, as the charging infrastructure is now so well-developed in Germany that they were always able to find a charging station for their Golf within its 300 kilometer range. “And with Phoenix Contact charging connectors at almost every station.”

In addition to taking second place, the eYoungsters successfully tackled several tasks that participants have to complete during the rally. The young women won the wine route challenge and also took the accolade for “Best Blog”. However, there was another more important prize for Alexandra Kerps and Jana Schwarze: “We were voted the team with the “Best Team Spirit” by the other 47 teams. That's even more important to us than the overall victory.”

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