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Feed-through connectors with 5.08 mm pitch


[5202] Phoenix Contact is introducing new feed-through connectors with 5.08 mm pitch to the market.

Revision of standard DIN 46228-4 for ferrules


[5254] In addition to using an appropriate crimping tool, the material quality of the ferrules is crucial for optimum and therefore reliable connection.

Optimized interfaces in the Project complete planning and marking software


[5229] The optimized interfaces to popular CAE programs in the Project complete planning and marking software from Phoenix Contact enable data from electrical planning to be integrated with a click of the mouse. The corresponding terminal strip is confi...

Modular power distribution board


[5253] To simplify the wiring effort in machine building and control cabinet manufacturing, there is now a solution for 400 volt distribution: The CrossPowerSystem from Phoenix Contact is an open platform for modular and functional control cabinets.

Mobile marking with the MARKING app for smartphone and tablet


[5230] The “MARKING system” app from Phoenix Contact provides a quick and easy way for users to find appropriate marking solutions for any requirement, create markings, and print them on a compatible Phoenix Contact printer.

Innovative push-pull standard M12 connector – cross manufacturer


Eight well-known manufacturers established on the market for M12 connectors - Phoenix Contact, Harting, Molex, Murrelektronik Electronic, Binder, Conec, Escha and Weidmüller - have come together to establish a standard for the push-pull locking mechanis...

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is expanding to Poland


Phoenix Contact E-Mobility is expanding its production capacity with a new facility in Poland. The 15,000 m² plant at the Science and Technology Park Rzeszów-Dworzysko will be built by full-service industrial real estate developer Panattoni. The new fac...

Phoenix Contact, Quectel and Ericsson jointly develop the first industrial 5G router for private networks


Phoenix Contact, Quectel and Ericsson have worked together to develop and deploy the first industrial 5G router for local industrial applications in a private 5G network.

NAMUR Annual Conference China postponed to 2021


NAMUR and Phoenix Contact jointly agreed to postpone NAMUR Annual Conference China to August 2021.

Mobile thermal transfer printer for creating markings directly on site


The new handy THERMOMARK GO thermal transfer printer from Phoenix Contact allows you to create markings flexibly, anywhere, and at any time.

539 Results

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