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mGuard Secure Cloud with new functions


[4963] The new Version 2.7 of the mGuard Secure Cloud improves the user-friendliness and speed of the web interface.

Unassembled cables routed through the control cabinet panel


[4952] The new membrane plates and screw connections from Phoenix Contact can be used to reliably and safely route unassembled cables through the control cabinet panel in a space-saving way.

Housing for heavy-duty connectors in a space-saving design


[4948] For the protection of interfaces in a particularly narrow design, Phoenix Contact is now offering the new Heavycon Standard housing in sizes D15, D25, and D50.

High-current feed-through terminal block for up to 232 A


[4931] Phoenix Contact is extending its range of powerful high-current feed-through terminal blocks with screw connection:

New panel feed-through terminal blocks with Push-in spring connection


[4930] The PT 4-WE panel feed-through terminal blocks with Push-in spring connection from Phoenix Contact are particularly suitable for current transformers and voltage transducers such as protective devices.

PV sets with surge protection for MPP tracking


[4962] Phoenix Contact now offers PV sets that combine two MPP (Maximum Power Point) trackers for surge protection.

High-performance and inexpensive PV set generation available


[4960] Phoenix Contact offers a new generation of high-performance and inexpensive photovoltaic (PV) sets. The PV sets, which are available in a variety of designs, are fully assembled and can therefore be connected immediately.

New software version for photovoltaic projects


[4961] Use Solarworx Version 2.0 with the aim of harmonizing the communication data structures of various devices so as to enable non-proprietary operation.

The Bad Pyrmont showpiece: the new Phoenix Contact Electronics building is smart


It is the third largest construction project in the over 90-year history of the company. The new Phoenix Contact building in Bad Pyrmont was moved into in recent months after taking 18 months to build. Now, it will be officially inaugurated on 5 May by ...

New serial device servers and gateways


[4955] The new product range of device servers and gateways from Phoenix Contact makes it easy to integrate serial devices in Ethernet-based automation networks.

271 Results

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