xplore New Automation Award

xplore New Automation Award

Today's ideas – tomorrow's innovations

Help shape the future of automation with your idea.

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  • Competition
    xplore 2018: New Automation Award

    Find all the details here on the current progress of the xplore New Automation Award Edition.

  • Categories

    The xplore New Automation Award is presented in five different categories.

  • Application

    Individuals or groups from general education schools or vocational training can take part in the xplore New Automation Award.

  • History

    Let yourself be impressed and inspired by the creativity and versatility of the competition and participants.

  • Products and technologies

    Products from Phoenix Contact are used wherever processes need to run automatically.

  • Contact

    The xplore organization team covers all tasks and is your point of contact for questions relating to the competition.

The xplore New Automation Award 2018 is Phoenix Contact's international technology and training competition. Just like our portfolio, creative and innovative automation solutions are the main focus of the competition. Teams of pupils, trainees, and students from across the world are invited to submit their project ideas.

Patronage of the xplore New Automation Award 2018

New Automation Award 2018

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