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The xplore organization team covers all tasks and is your point of contact for questions relating to the competition.

Applications, jury meetings, 100 international teams with 100 projects, technical orders and shipping as well as countless events during the course of the competition: all this has to be prepared, coordinated, and executed.

Countless dedicated employees at Phoenix Contact contribute their creativity, expert knowledge, and sometimes a healthy dose of pragmatism, so that the visions of our participants become real projects.

The xplore organization team

Do you have questions about the xplore New Automation Award 2018? Contact us for more information. The xplore organization team is there for you.

Among the team are Jenny Schaffrath (Project management), Antje Güse, Klaus Hengsbach (Head of the Didactics Department) and Prof. Dr. Gunther Olesch (Phoenix Contact Executive Vice President).

Phone: +49 5235 3-4829 9

The xplore organization team

From left to right: Antje Güse, Klaus Hengsbach, Jenny Schaffrath and Prof. Dr. Gunther Olesch

New Automation Award 2018

+49 5235 3-48299

Organization team

Flachsmarktstraße 8
D-32825 Blomberg

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