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Christoph Leifer

Christoph Leifer  

Christoph Leifer

Christoph Leifer, born in 1961, is Member of the ICE Board of Phoenix Contact. Mr Leifer is an authorized signatory and representative of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG in Blomberg, Germany. Phoenix Contact is a global market leader for components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation for industrial applications.

Mr Leifer began his career at Phoenix Contact in 1986 after completing his studies in telecommunications engineering. He joined the company as an engineer in Microelectronics Development. One of his most important development projects was the development of the first INTERBUS protocol chip for Phoenix Contact. He then headed and established various development units for fieldbus products, such as INTERBUS and Bitbus, Interface components, power supplies, and software developments. In 1991 he took over as Head of Electronics Development for Interface Technology at Phoenix Contact, in 2000 he became Director of Development, Marketing, and Sales Support Interface, and in 2003 he became Vice President - Head of Business Unit for Marketing, Development, Sales, and Production operations.

In 2010 Mr Leifer became Head of the Division Industrial Electronics with overall responsibility for the four Business Units: Surge Protection, Power Supplies, I/O and Networks, and Interface. The Senior Vice Presidents are Members of the Management Board.

As of the start of 2016, Mr Leifer is Member of the Board of ICE and responsible for the Electronics Business Units of the Business Area ICE as well as for quality, technology, and innovation processes within the ICE Board. As of mid-2016, he is spokesman for the Executive Board of Phoenix Electronics GmbH in Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

Mr Leifer is Member of the Board of TEAMWISE Limited Hong Kong, an electronics manufacturing company which specializes in power supplies and has a production facility in Donguan, China. In this company, as a Member of the Board, he represents the interests of Phoenix Contact Power Supplies GmbH as well as those of shareholder Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG.

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