Investment criteria

Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH invests in businesses that meet the following prerequisites:


Motivated management built on mutual trust

A good idea can only be pushed forward by a well-balanced team.


Startup to second stage

We invest in the startup of new ventures as well as in potential expansion. Here, the requirements and general conditions of the relevant project are considered individually and supported.


Germany is preferred

At present, innovations originating in Germany are given preferential consideration in order to further strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship.

Business case

A reliable and plausible business plan

Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH invests in business models which are able to demonstrate an innovative solution combined with promising financials.


Prototype available/service established

We prefer to invest in ideas where a prototype is already available and, ideally, is legally protected.

Capital ownership

Minority shareholder

Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH prefers minority investments so as to give entrepreneurs the entrepreneurial freedom they require.

Level of investment

0.1 to 2.5 million euro

The minimum amount invested per financing round is 100.000 €.


Guiding entrepreneurs in an active advisory capacity

In addition to providing financial support, your venture will receive guidance from Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH over the entire investment period. Contributing their know-how and their network (primarily sales, production, and development), an experienced manager will serve as an active advisor during the entire further development of your venture.

We are looking forward to receiving your application so that we can discuss the next steps with you in person.

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